The European Union has defined to the Strategy of Horizon 2020 to improve the competitiveness of the European economy with special focus on job creation and sustainability. Within this strategy are maintained policies of social and territorial cohesion that help the development of the companies of our country and of which the funds Feder Are their maximum Exponent.

Now and in the next few years the European Union is going to Perugia Supporting the digitalization and internationalization of our companies.

In Open-Ideas we are experts in the management of European funds. More than 7 years working with Different Institutions for the Execution dand European projectsbAlan.
We help you to identify the aids that may interest you most, the preparation of all the documentation, its execution and its justification.

Seize this opportunity for as long as it is still because everything indicates that in the Next Program Budget European these aids are going to look Significantly Reduced.

Presence and Internet improvement projects, Solutions Cloud Smart Cities, Innovation. Find the line that interests you most and get help to make your business grow faster.




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