Offer your portfolio in an attractive and dynamic way

The catalogs are excellent resources for to make known the products or services that our company offers. What was previously done on paper now acquires a new dimension by offering many more opportunities to offer our portfolio in an attractive and dynamic way.

Although it seems a countersense the development of online stores has not diminished but increased the demand for catalogues many companies want to be able to highlight certain products and provide a clear and complete view of your offer. In addition, the universalization of the use of tablets has made the catalogues can be used in mobility so that the on-road commercials can show the products and services what offer.

Some of the advantages:

  • Internet-free access. True, today we are connected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, what happens if your customers do not have internet access? Imagine that they drop the net, the data of the mobile are running out or there is no good coverage, not can see your page. The digital catalog you can download and see when and where you want, without any problem.
  • Access from any device. Another advantage is that you can see it from any mobile device, without having to make changes to the configuration of your page: the computer, the tablet, iPad or mobile.
  • It can be shared through different media. You can share with your contact list this document from different means: embed it in your website or blog, sharing it through social networks, send it by mail or even WhatsApp.
  • Increase traffic to your website or online store. As we have said, the catalogue is an excellent presentation tool. A well-designed catalog will increase both the number of visits to your store and the number of sales. In addition, some software tools have the integrated option of making purchases directly from the catalog.

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