Show your space to potential customers

Open-Ideas has the software and equipment necessary to make a 360 video of your establishment so that potential customers can see it and have the experience as if they were there. An interior street view that allows you to move between the different rooms and rooms to have a complete view of how the establishment is and what features it offers.

Ideal for restaurants, hotels, clinics, stores or any establishment that wants to show up before the client comes so that he can become familiar and establish an emotional and familiar relationship even before he goes.

Show your space to potential customers

We are an authorized 3DVista partner, the best solution to create your virtual tour and improve the experience of your clients

Standard Version

3DVista Stitcher 1Virtual Tour Standard 3DVista allows you to make virtual visits of the highest quality that can be included in your website and with an unparalleled user experience from any device. You can turn any photo into a 360º panoramic scene and visit the place remotely as if you were really there. The solution does not require computer programming and is very user friendly.

With the solution we include Stitcher 4 and a great publisher that will convert your photographs and panoramas into high quality virtual tours by customizing the graphic interface.

We also have the virtual version of our virtual tour service. 3DVista Virtual Tour Pro allows you to create virtual tours that surprise by their interactivity and customization options, such as HDR Adaptive Live Panorama, Photo Albums Hotspots, Autopilot, Interactive Video, Immersive Audio and Planes; utilities that provide an unparalleled user experience.

It includes 3DVista Stitcher 4 and a Publisher with a set of unique features that you will only find in 3DVista's technology. 3DVista has developed the "Adaptive HDR" technology that adapts the light of a panorama according to the area where the user sees it.

With our solution you will get the most realistic virtual visits posible looking as if you were really there. "Live Panoramas" are included that offer the possibility of showing a place in 360 degrees while the time advances, be it hours, days or years, which is ideal for events where the time factor is relevant.

Ask us for information without obligation. We offer the complete service with the realization of the project or the software if you want to do it yourself.

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