Videos for youtube campaigns or social networks

Internet is increasingly audiovisual and Internet users prefer more and more content in video format to relate to brands.

At Open-Ideas we have an audiovisual department that will include video marketing in your digital marketing strategy.

Videos in all formats for YouTube campaigns or social networks, with and without actors, with voiceovers in different languages ​​and focused on generating impact and brand recognition.

Contact us without commitment to design your audiovisual strategy

  • Corporate videos
  • Testimonial
  • Interviews
  • Product presentations
  • Unboxing
  • Success stories
  • 360 Videos

Video: The Most Effective Communication

  • It is real and close
  • Wake up more interest
  • Increase the duration of visits
  • Increase conversion ratio: video incentive plus sale
  • Improved site positioning (SEO)
  • Fosters interactivity

What Information Can I Offer with Video?

  • Explain the advantages and opportunities of your services
  • Teach how to use your products
  • Give advice and disseminate testimonies
  • Introduce your company and your team
  • Participation in fairs and events in your sector
  • Portfolio or video curriculum

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