At Open Ideas we can help you with the process of internationalizing your company

Do you want to export your products?

At Open Ideas, we are specialists in the internationalization of offline and online companies.

If your company needs an international digital marketing plan, Open Ideas can help you in the process of internationalization of your company through our international services.

All foreign markets are different, and to be successful in each of them, you must locate the right market for your sector and the best way to get there. It is essential to know the market before doing any commercial action and to know in advance how the product and / or service can fit into that international market

To start the work of internationalization of your Company, it is necessary to investigate a prior foreign market before initiating actions of marketing, promotion and sale of your products or services

What services do we offer?

How to export products abroad:

  • Country report
  • Analysis of the selected countries and customers of the target market
  • Analysis of the sector and competition in international markets
  • Distribution channels: search for suppliers and distributors
  • Communication strategies
  • Financial aspects
  • Infrastructure
  • Legal aspects


As an online marketing agency we also offer any type of solution to sell online in international markets.

The ecommerce is a perfect alternative for all companies wishing to sell their products in other countries.

In any international strategy, customers are not going to be the same nor their way of navigating the internet, so it is key to know the barriers or differences that may exist in the target market, whether it is cultural, language, etc. Likewise, the product will also have to be adapted according to the country.

Open ideas develops an international strategy based on the target country.

Our main objective is to offer companies the use of internet in their businesses to get the maximum number of visits on the web and transform these visits into buyers and / or contacts to obtain more sales.

The services we offer in international digital marketing online are::

  • Website creation
  • Online internationalization plan according to country.
  • Analysis of the product according to destination country
  • Analysis of online competitors by country
  • SEO positioning by country
  • Search engine advertising campaigns by country: SEM.
  • Management of Social Networks in the destination country

We improve your internet strategy with the development of an international digital marketing plan.

If you want to start exporting online, the Internet will allow your company to open to international markets quickly and cheaply.

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