The networks with which we work allow maximum flexibility

Open-ideas has preferential collaboration agreement with tradedoubler and other major affiliation networks in Spain. Campaigns of lead generation, brand recognition salts generation. CPM, CPC, branding.

We will value all the options to get your business to enter the different international markets in the most effective way possible.


The networks with which we work allow maximum flexibility when it eat to rewarding members with innovative initiatives that arouse their interest and help us attract qualified traffic for our project. An automated platform that will allow you always to check the affiliates that are promoting your product and control its effectiveness.

In the same way we put at your disposal our network of influencers to generate relevant content for your target audience. Fashion, sports gourmet products. Different profiles to reach different target audiences in such too way that we achieve impacts that are not perceived as advertising and therefore acquire greater relevance and notoriety.

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