The Marketplace helps us quickly reach our customers

On the internet segmentation is taking place with the creation of various sector portals that bring together traffic related to different concepts.

Many companies have discovered that, with amazon Rakuten, solo stocks for B2B or other sector marketplaces, they are able to reach their potential customers without having to wait to position their own website or ecommerce.


The marketplace helps us to quickly reach our end customers in exchange for to commission or fixed fee that should be equivalent to our customer acquisition cost.

An effective way to enter to country, with to controlled cost and access to huge markets.

In each country there are specific marketplaces for gourmet products, for craft products, for the construction sector. For our company it can be an unparalleled opportunity for rapid and simple growth.

In open-ideas we have experts in registering your brand in the marketplaces, helping you to upload and categorize the products and design the appropriate strategies to achieve the best positioning within each marketplace.

Tell us about your project and we help you design and execute the best strategy. The world is within reach of your business.

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