We have a complete and unique internet marketing strategy for your company

We are an online marketing agency with more than 8 years of experience that will provide you with the best tools and strategies to make your immersion in the online world as fruitful as possible.

"SEO Positioning Solutions"

We help you to have a content SEO strategy. To which people are we targeting? What themes? What is the correct way to express yourself? What types of channels and content ? At Open-Ideas, we help you define your goal and implement the necessary actions to position your company on the internet.

We help you implement a correct online advertising strategy from the creation of the ad, the selection of keywords, budgets and the quality of the information your campaign must carry to be successful in your SEO strategy.

E-mail marketing has become a fundamental communication tool for companies. It helps us not only to enrich the image of the company, but also to provide us with differential value and allows us to attract and retain customers. We will help you implement your e-mail marketing strategy.

What do they say about my company on the web? How do I manage an online crisis? At Open Ideas, we are a Certified Partner of Atribus, the leading platform of Active Listening in our country.

As an online marketing agency, we help you manage your online presence and reputation by improving the efficiency of Community Managers by obtaining content of interest to your communities, tracking your brand and the competition.

We help you analyze traffic, how it arrives, how it can be improved. Knowing where visitors arrive from our website, which is the route that our clients take, how long they stay on the page or what our conversion is about is essential to be able to extract the necessary KPIs to analyze our strategy.

Animated videos, company presentations, product presentations, etc ... Content is the King on the internet, and video marketing is one of the best tools to show our company or our product in a direct and striking way.

In Open ideas we have a powerful network of collaborators specialized in videomarketing in Spain, which allows us to offer our clients the best videomarketing solutions.

To improve your sales on the Internet, it is sometimes necessary to carry out alliances between personal or company pages. The affiliation offers us the possibility of reducing costs and increasing sales and online presence at low cost. At open-ideas, we help you find the best affiliate alliances for your business on the internet.

How do we make ourselves heard in the midst of digital noise with our eCommerce? The great challenge is to connect with your customers from digital to analog, to know you, to know who you are and to trust in you. It's no use having an eCommerce if we do not convert it into Social Commerce. At Open-Ideas we accompany you in the transformation towards social commerce.

Do you want your customers to easily find your business and take a virtual tour through it? With Google Tours you can make a virtual presentation of your facilities so that they can know your restaurant, hotel, pub, clinic or offices firsthand.

Mobile Apps are in fashion, and they are here to stay. We not only advise you when it comes to creating your apps, but we also do the application, always looking for the most innovative way so your app provides greater user loyalty and makes your life easier.

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