Atribus responds to the main needs of companies in Social Media


One of the latest generation tools we use in Open-Ideas is Atribus. This tool responds to the main needs of companies in Social Media.


Atribus has one of its strengths in online monitoring: it allows you to completely control the mentions of your brand on the internet.

Nowadays it is of high importance for any company to know when the brand is being talked about on the internet. Brands must be prepared to give a quick and adequate response to their online community, because this significantly improves their reputation and the loyalty of their customers.

On the other hand, monitor mentions of competition and their activity in Social Media allows companies to find new niche markets, know the target audience better and focus their actions on networks much more effectively.

Atribus is the perfect tool for this monitoring. With this tool you will control the main social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google + and YouTube. In addition, Atribus also reviews the mentions in blogs, forums and digital media (newspapers, radio, television).


Además de controlar las menciones, Atribus las analiza exhaustivamente. ¿Quién menciona tu marca? ¿En qué términos habla de ella? Conocer bien a tu audiencia te permitirá enfocar tus estrategias y mensajes publicitarios de manera mucho más eficaz.

Gracias a esta información tendrás una visión mucho más completa de la imagen de tu marca en internet y estarás más preparado para gestionarla de forma óptima.



This tool will make the daily management of your social media accounts much easier, since it allows you to interact from the same interface on any of the profiles you have connected.

This will optimize your time and you can complete this task much more effectively.

As important as obtaining all this information is to be able to communicate it adequately and effectively, another of Atribus' strengths is its report creation function. The tool allows you to configure and completely customize the reports, so you can select the variables you want to report and combine them as best suits you. And all dragging and dropping! In addition, you can resize and reposition each item that you include in your report, as well as include the logo of your company easily.

Thanks to Atribus, we can optimize all the functions related to online monitoring, being able to carry them out in less time and with phenominal results.

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