Services for town halls and public administrations

Open-Ideas offers a complete suite of services for municipalities and public administrations linked to technology, transparency and communication.

Streaming and web TV service

The complete solution of Open-Ideas allows the municipalities to transmit their plenary sessions and relevant events directly to the neighbors, in the most efficient and dynamic way becoming a vehicle of relationship between the administration and the citizens.

All the contents are available in a documentary repository that allows access to videos on demand and keep them structured for easy management and accessibility.

Online Videoconference Service

Open-Ideas offers a virtual tourism office service through which potential tourists can consult questions to the advisors through a simple videoconference service that allows the management of paperwork, as well as the sharing of relevant information.


Open-Ideas offers local council online communication services designed to publicize the activities and policies carried out by the city council. Key aspects such as tourism communication, sports or social services require effective direct communication to citizens using the appropriate channels to reach them.

SME training and mentoring programs

Open-Ideas has been collaborating with different institutions, Provincial Councils, Ministry of Industry and Chambers of Commerce to offer support to companies in their process of digitization and expansion.

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