Get your visitors back and stay happy with our services

Create a community and build loyalty to your customers. With an e-mail marketing strategy, you can have the users interested in the niche of your business attentive and informed of the latest developments in the sector. Be the first to do it with Open - Ideas.

At Open-Ideas, we take the necessary steps to create a quality e-mail marketing strategy:

  • User databases: In Open - Ideas we have quality databases organized by theme. You can find new qualified customers depending on the sector of your business.
  • Personalization of emails: We adapt to the style of your company. Formal mail, close or fun, but always with content adjusted, interesting and quality.
  • Anti-spam filters:Sometimes, our email does not reach the inbox and goes directly to the spam folder. In Open - Ideas we have a clear strategy to follow.
  • Mail design: Having our design team, we can customize the images and creatives that you want the recipients to see in your email.

We are experts in e-mail marketing and we have the necessary tools to make quality campaigns and personalization to the taste of each client, as well as to measure their performance and effectiveness since every business is different and has its own signature.

You can offer special prices to those who have previously purchased in your e-commerce, contact potential interested parties, increase the scope of your business with an appropriate e-mail marketing strategy. Get your visitors back and stay happy with your services.

At Open – Ideas, we design personalized emails for each client, adjusting to their tastes and the requirements of their company. We have quality databases, with the possibility of selecting recipients interested in the chosen theme. Do not hesitate, contact Open – Ideas today.


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