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The consolidation in Spain of the marketplaces it's a hit. No company can raise its strategy of selling products on the internet without valuing and consider the main marketplaces especially amazon.

With more than a 20 & total sale being generate on the internet implies a element fundamental to have the account either to include our products or to consider it as a channel that competitors can use.


Many companies have discovered that, with amazon, Rakuten, solo stocks for b2b, or other marketplaces sectors are able to reach their potential customers without having to wait to position their own website or ecommerce. Without forgetting the sectoral as Madelia, Zealand, booking or many others that are consolidating at the sectoral level

In open-ideas are experts in registering your brand in the different marketplaces, develop and execute a communication strategy in them and upload and categorize the products to get the best positioning within each marketplace.

We help you get the most out of the marketplaces of our country so that your products reach all potential buyers.

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