Seo Local

Local SEO so that your business is seen by the people of your neighborhood, town or city

This would be beneficial to you if you have a company with a physical location in order to attract customers who are close to your business. Local SEO will allow your business to be seen by the people who live in your neighborhood, town or city.

Local businesses = local positioning?

If your business is dental clinics, hairdressers, restaurants, shops, gyms, nurseries, clothing stores, business centers etc it is important that you start using local SEO for your business because what interests Google is to show the most relevant results for all its users, so we have to tell Google that the company provides service in that place and that it is relevant for users who are looking for specific services or products that the company can offer.

Typical searches for Local SEO have the following structure: Keyword or keyword + city. Another interesting attribute to make a good local positioning is the NAP (Name Address Phone). Including your phone is important to stimulate calls to action from your visitors.


With Google my business, we manage your local business by fully integrating google places and the Google plus (local) company page. Google My Business allows your company to appear in your local results and on your maps.

For Google to consider your local business you must have:

  • A name.
  • A physical address (not a postal address or a shared address).
  • A telephone number including the local area code.



We also advise you to register in different portals and interesting directories according to the sector of your company so that you also appear in these places and, in this way, contribute to your local positioning.

Highlight your competition and become more visible thanks to local SEO.


Today, more than half of Internet users conduct their searches for services or products through their mobile phones. Smartphones have become an important tool for organic SEO.

As of April 21, 2015, Google uses the optimization of these devices as a classification signal. You cannot be behind on this because then your company or business will not be relevant.

It is very necessary that your website is optimized for mobile.

At Open Ideas, we carry out the best mobile SEO practices with the objective that your users locate you more quickly wherever they are and find your company before your competition.

We also make sure that your mobile website is very easy to use for all your customers.

Bet on local SEO for mobile and you will get geolocated web results.