At Open-Ideas we do specialized SEO consulting for SMEs

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the branch of online marketing that gives visibility to our page through organic or natural results in search engines, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo!


It is proven that the majority of visits that come to our web pages through Internet search engines (that is, thanks to SEO), are qualified customers, who are looking for products like the ones we offer them and with high possibilities of making a purchase in our store.

SEO is a tool that analyzes a website and optimizes its features to improve its long-term performance. It is a task that must be planned and executed efficiently, based on analytical data and adequate tools.

At Open-Ideas we do specialized SEO consulting for SMEs. We understand that each client has their own needs and that is why we adapt SEO campaigns depending on each case, in an independent and personalized way. We look for the key points within each website and advise different alternatives to improve the performance of the page.


What can an SEO consultancy do for you?

At Open-Ideas, we know what SEO improvements should be done on a website. We know the most effective and useful procedures to improve the positioning of a website and solve existing problems.

  • We analyze your web server: hosting can be a very damaging element for your website, or a powerful ally.
  • We study the optimal keywords to reach your audience: we will tell you how the people who are interested in your products and services look for you to be more visible to them.
  • We monitor your competition in order to position ourselves better than them.
  • We improve the SEO OnPage of the site: we optimize your website so that search engines like it.
  • We reduce the loading speed (WPO): the faster your web is, the better the user experience and the more Google will like it.
  • We carry out SEO Off Page strategy: we can put ourselves on other websites.
  • We execute the necessary changes and we take care of making all the optimizations.
  • We analyze the results: if they do not work, we draw a new strategy