Do you want to have a website for your online store?

We will design it for you

If you need a page to create an online store, whatever your business, we have a team of professionals who are dedicated to the development of online store creation exclusively for your company to get more visits and more conversions.

Our goals in creating an online store:

  • Efficiency: so that the user can easily get what you offer on your website.
  • Speed: so that the user finds what they are looking for faster.
  • Satisfaction: for the user to enjoy the experience with the page throughout their navigation.

We guarantee the security and integrity of your website information, an information architecture, usability and a design focused on the end user.

Other services

We analyze your business and look for the most appropriate way to improve and increase your sales through the web. On many occasions, having a presence on social networks is not enough, it also matters how you have that presence.

Undoubtedly the big unfinished business of SMEs is how to perform the logistics management of their products when making shipments in your store. Open ideas helps you to save this pitfall by managing your warehouse, whether it is virtual or physical.

The creation of an online store must be born with the premise of selling your products or services abroad. But in many cases, customs or export procedures force us to limit the scope of commercialization: Open ideas manages this for you and helps you to open your business to the international market.

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