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OpenCart was created in 2007 by the British engineer Daniel Kerr for the simplest reason: Daniel was disappointed by his experience as an osCommerce user, who had not received updates in years, was not developed with POO and was out of the competitive reality of the market. Opencart has a complete order management, affiliate system, sales system, digital product sales system (direct transfers), multiple means of payment and freight, as well as being able to expand its functionalities through extensions (plugins or addons), modifications, and customize its appearance through themes. The interface of Opencart (from 17/07/2017) is presentable, elegant and beautiful.

Among the central advantages, in the appearance of Opencart 2.0, was the use of an adaptive model for web pages. As for Opencart 3.0, we can not forget to mention some of the most important add-ons: the Marketplace and the Theme plus Language Editors that drastically reduced the configuration of the store. Now you can complete the settings for a store much more easily.

Adaptive design is a crucial aspect when creating sites of any kind and especially websites for web stores. OpenCart 3.0: More sections, more resources. Now you can insert all the themes and tools directly from the administration area. There is also a search function that now allows the search of extensions. I would also like to highlight the developments that the OpenCart team included: the Marketplace and the OpenCart 3.0 Translations. The translation tool, as mentioned above, is another update. The translation of the store has become even easier. OpenCart 3.0: Theme editor. The new tool is user friendly, especially for someone who knows little about programming.

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