A new form of communication has reached Open Ideas

New forms of communication

More and more videoconferencing is being used worldwide for leisure and professional use, and with this platform we reach sectors where it was not established before.

Customer service with video conference

Time is a key factor in our commitments, both professionally and leisurely, and videoconferencing services help reduce time with just one click. From Open Ideas, aware of the value of time, we have a new communication platform to reach all sectors in order to obtain the best performance in your daily tasks.

Get together with your collaborators, clients, partners, partners in an easy, fast and simple way.

We offer a comprehensive Customer Service (SAC) service that includes video conferencing service ideal for municipalities, institutions, companies, tourism offices, hotel chains, travel agencies / tour operators, law firms, psychologists, sports clubs, academies / teachers , all kinds of personal coaches, psychics, astrologers, etc. With the platform they will be able to offer a closer, direct and personalized attention to their clients or current and potential users.

This includes all in one integrated videoconferencing system, payment management, appointment management and an e-mail notification system.

There is the possibility of contracting the complete SAC with all its functionalities or, simply just the videoconferencing service.

What do we offer?

  • Management of appointments and management of the queues of attention in an efficient and simple way.
  • Management of different types of appointment: face-to-face and telephone
  • Treatment of two types of care: immediate / urgent or request of previous appointments.
  • Simple and easy online meetings with video conferences with a capacity of up to 300 participants per room.
  • Customized services.
  • Maximum privacy with the possibility of protecting videoconferences with a password.
  • Additional features of videoconferences: possibility of recording them, containing a chat of text messages, the possibility of sharing screens, links, YouTube videos and documents immediately and simply.
  • Possibility of having videoconferences of payment through a system of virtual credits
  • Transparency and Flexibility.
  • Access 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Ease of using the program without the need for technical knowledge.

What will attention service provide you with online videoconferencing?

  • Preferential and personalized treatment to the client while seeing the client.
  • Distinguish yourself by excellence in customer service and stand out from your competitors.
  • Reduction of travel costs.
  • You can meet as much as you want with your customers, partners, colleagues ... without having to spend anything on fuel.
  • Unlimited meetings 365 days a year.
  • Close the telecommunications circle by converging appointments through IP Telephony and via videoconference.
  • Higher productivity in your work.
  • You can meet as many times as you want if something has not been clear allowing this way a clear and effective communication.
  • Videoconferencing, unlike a streaming broadcast, allows all participants to see each other and interact.

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