Open Ideas, your agency specialized in the design of professional web pages.

If you do not have a web page for your business, you are turning away many customers who might be interested in your products and /or services.

Find solutions at Open- Ideas; the online marketing company 360 expert in the design of web pages for online stores and business portfolios. We like to communicate!

Websites with the best quality and price

In any workday, all businesses need visibility in the virtual world. Companies, freelancers and SMEs compete with each other on the Internet through their web pages with the intention of making themselves known or offering their products and services more efficiently than their competitors.

In Open – Ideas, the design of web pages and technology comes together to improve your business. We create web pages that are efficient and attractive to visitors, taking into account the objectives of each client. We design web pages and e-commerce to the taste of our customers in order to find new interests in what they offer. We have a full team of professionals in web creation and online marketing.

For the design of a web page, the following objectives must be met:

  • It must be an attractive website for the client, with suggestive images and a high level of usability
  • It is also necessary that it is an attractive website for search engines. Thanks to SEO, we make our pages the first link of the search engines.
  • It is the key to online marketing action strategy; Mentions and publicity in social networks, e - mail marketing plans, appearance in sponsored posts, hiring ads in Google Adwords. All of this must start from a good design of the website or e-commerce

A usable Web is an effective Web

We design simple, simple, attractive and effective websites to satisfy the end user.
And why should your website be simple? To allow your potential customers to access your products in the fastest way. Also, if it is too complicated, your users will leave and it is possible that they will not return.

What do we offer?

  • Domains, hosting
  • Intranets and Extranet
  • Corporate Webs and Promotional Webs
  • Online stores
  • Informative and opinion websites: Content Sites (blog, portals and media)
  • Microsites: small websites (4-5 sections) focused on a specific product, service or promotion.
  • Banners: Eye-catching and interactive
  • Landings

Remember that there are many websites that can offer products similar to yours and are easy to use and navigate on their website.

With Open - Ideas, your web page or e – commerce will always be alive, with the execution of the online strategy, periodic updates, or modifications in your stock. Check out more information on our form!

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