What is Web TV?

The Web TV is oriented to show each one of the Communication Action Policies (PAC) in particular, showing all audiovisual contents that attract the person and allowing him to identify with each one of them.

  • On the Internet we have the necessary tools to measure the acceptance level of said PAC.
  • The Web TV is a measuring instrument that verifies whether the communicative action is in accordance with the expectation of its audience.
  • It will allow the effort in the generation of audiovisual content to have:
    • A stable, sustainable and reliable instrument that not only allows you to massively reach your audience, but also confirms if the content is really effective.

What can we do with Web TV?

  • Automatic cataloging of contents.
  • Content management and management system with a calendar of drag and drop events.
  • Interactive LIVE-STREAMING, live, ON demand and video on demand.
  • LIVE-STREAMING channel, smart player (Playout).
  • Generation of Content Channels or Active Playlist.
  • Live Streaming channels for the broadcast of live content to both Web and Smart TVs, IOS or Android devices.

Audiovisual options:

  • Player that allows the inclusion of Streaming tv with Pre-Roll.
  • It monetizes its Multimedia contents.
  • Helps contribute to complete your sales.
  • Allows the inclusion of Pre-Roll to YouTube.
  • Manage the live contents together with the VOD.
  • Integration of social networks and videos highlighted in the Player.
  • Code for embed with Pre-Roll.
  • Internet TV platforms.
  • Stand alone Video CMS.
  • Fully customizable playout.
  • HTML5 and Smartphone Support.

What is the Pre-Roll Stream?

The Pre-Roll Stream is a service of reproduction in the cloud that allows insertion of random advertising in Pre-Roll mode or short announcements in any live Streaming TV source and in demand. A Pre-Roll is an ad in video format that is displayed just at the beginning of watching a Streaming. It is the closest thing to a television ad but on the Internet. If the user wants to access streaming content, this is not shown until the Advertising Pre-Roll ends.

What generates the Pre-Roll Stream?

  • Obtención de ingresos (monetización del Streaming) por venta de espacios de publicidad de anunciantes.
  • Generación de campañas de publicidad e imagen de marca de clientes y anunciantes.
  • Pre-Roll Stream es un player dinámico adaptable a cualquier proveedor de video
  • Streaming contratado diferente a Movipbox.
  • Works for Live Streaming and on Demand (VOD).
  • 100% service in the Internet cloud without requiring a local platform.
  • Unlimited number of Pre-Roll ads in random mode.
  • Control for exposure time.
  • Control Panel via Web with user interface easy to operate and administer.
  • Growth capacity and scalability..

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