The world of mobile applications is booming ... and increasing fast!

The push of mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, facilitates and promotes the change between using a web and a specialized and optimized app for these devices. Having an application designed especially for your business begins to be common among companies that want to get new customers and get, in addition, trust with your brand.

At Open - Ideas we create mobile applications to your liking. We are experts in mobile devices and tablets and we make custom applications for our clients, regardless of the sector they come from or if what they offer are products, services or both at the same time.

There are support applications for your business, sales applications, games for mobile phones and tablets, and a host of types of applications. But it is not enough to create an application. The important thing is to accompany it with the necessary marketing and promoting in order to make it known and to spread it.

We are experts in ASO

The positioning of applications in search engines (ASO) is essential for each application to reach the indicated user in the Play Store for Android devices or App Store if you use Apple products. Having a good ASO strategy for apps can mean the success of all the material and economic effort put into the project.

In addition, advertising on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and accompanying it by ads in other applications is also useful for applications to reach as many people as possible and be made known to the target audience, so that more and more people know our brand.

Make your project work with Open - Ideas. We develop and propose ideas for applications and manage the online marketing strategy that you need for your mobile application to succeed!

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